Ankhbayar Dagdan

Full name:                       Ankhbayar Dagdan

Family name:                  Sharnuud

Nationality:                      Bayad

Date of birth:                   Nov.08.1976

Place of birth:                 Uvs aimag

Marital status:                 Spouse and 2 children

Cell phone number:       (976)-99118693

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2014- current:        University of Humanity, currently pursuing doctor’s degree

1994-2001:             National University of Mongolia, degree of Bachelor of Art as a Teacher of Mongolian Language and Literature

1984-1994:             1st High School of Ulaangom city of Uvs aimag  

Work Experience

2012-current: Secretary and Head of Policy Department of Democratic  Party

2009-2012:             Head of Assay inspection Department

2008-2009:             Senior advisor of the First Deputy Prime Minister

2005-2008:             Study’s manager of “Ireedui” Complex High School

2001-2005:             Scientific worker in Mongolian Academy of Science Institute of Language and Literature

2000-2001:             Teacher of International Children’s Centre Nairamdal   

Professional Affiliation

2015-2016:             President of Tamir Rotary Club

2012-current:         Head of Youths’ Association of Uvs aimag                                       

Language skills

 Bilingual:               Mongolian and English